During 1968 Elsie Dodd learned her dear and close friend in England had suddenly becaome Blind. Elsie became determined to help in some way all persons who were handicapped by the lack of sight. Pathfinders Aid For the Blind was established with meetings held at the home of Elsie and Gordon Dodd, and was closely associated with Lady Nell Seeing Eye Dog School.

In 1970 Amalgamation of Pathfinders Aid for The Blind and Lady Nell Seeing Eye Dog School took place. There was confusion over other charities using the Pathfinder name, so Aid for The Blind was adopted. Resolution to establish accommodation for people with low or no vision of all ages was adopted as the primary objective. The organisation continued to grow, membership increased, and the main source of income was from street collections. Brisbane City Council approved the lease of land at Cameron Street, Fairfield

January 1982 - First Stage- Units 1-17 was opened by Sir David Longland C.M.G., and later named Eldon Courts in honor of Elsie and Gordon Dodd.

March 1985 - Second Stage- Units 18-25 opened by Mr Ben Humphreys M.P.

November1987 - Third Stage- Units 26-33 opened by Mr Ben Humphreys M.P.

1991 - Adjoining house in Wilkins Street purchased for future development. Later transformed into 2 one bedroom units

1996-1999 - in an effort to establish other income streams and finance further development the Clothing Bin Collection venture was established and as a natural progression Op Shops were opened to provide a sales outlet for these donations.

2009 - 6 new 1 bedroom units built behind the Wilkins Street- opened by Mr Tim Nicholls M.P.

2015 - Aid for the Blind changed their name to Link Vision.

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