Educational Programs

Computer Club Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program has been established to encourage children with low and no vision to become familiar with computers and in particular to learn how to touch type.

As computer skills are now an integral part of a child's learning environment, Link Vision recognized that a computer mentoring program, targeted specifically for children with low or no vision, using voice to text software would be beneficial. The children learn to use a keyboard and computer from experienced mentors.

Our computer club mentors travel to the child's school, and at times their home, at a time that is suitable for the parent/teacher/school.

Thanks Link Vision. Especially to Mr Graham Pampling for all his efforts with our son, Sean Kendrick, aged 8 and a half. Graham goes out to Sean's school, Jamboree Heights State School every Thursday during school terms and teaches the visually impaired children how to touch type and use a computer. Graham, we really appreciate your dedication to teaching the younger generation these vital technology skills. You do an awesome awesome job.

M Kendrick

If you would like to know more, please contact our head office.

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