How you can help Aid for the Blind (Link Vision)

At Aid for the Blind QLD Inc we are dependent on our shops, donations, rental income and volunteers as we currently receive no government support, so any aid to assist our accommodation and research work is gratefully received.

The funds we raise go towards both large and small goals throughout the years. Our current goals are:

2015 – 2016

  • Fully renovate 2 units
  • Build new walkway at southern entrance of complex
  • Successful Awareness Week – lifting our profile and obtaining much need funds
  • Successful re-branding of Aid for the Blind
  • e.Complete preliminary research on expanding Accommodation and Educational services

2016 – 2017 and beyond

  • Accommodation to be established in North Queensland
  • Accommodation to be expanded in Brisbane, South East Queensland
  • Computer Club to be expanded in both service offering and course content
  • Health and Well Being and Literacy Clubs to be well established and growing
  • All units prior to 1987 build to be fully refurbished / renovated

Our success to date is due to the kind support and generousity of those who have supported us over the many years. We make sure every dollar counts.

Learn how you can donate or volunteer here.

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