How to get involved

Support Link Vision

We are dependent on our shops, donations, rental income and volunteers as we currently receive very little external support, so any aid to assist our accommodation and other programs is gratefully received.

The funds we raise go towards both large and small goals throughout the years.

We rely on donations in order to achieve our goals.

All donations over $2.00 are fully tax deductible.

You can easily make a donation online or via direct deposit or cheque.

Please make out all cheques to:

Link Vision
PO Box 6152
Fairfield Gardens QLD 4103

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Current Goals

Solar Power Project

Estimated value: $250,000

Goals: Environmentally friendly, save tenants costs

Unit Upgrades

Estimated value: $TBC

Goals: Renovate units to improve livability, comfort and functions

Expand Unit Constructions

Estimated value: $TBC

Goals: Increase our units and setup a new establishment in North Queensland, Brisbane and SE QLD

Expand Clubs

Estimated value: $TBC

Goals: Increase offering to cater to more children in the Computer Club. Establish new clubs for low/no vision students

Success Stories

Unit Renovations

Value: $625,000

Project: All 5 units built prior to 1987 build were fully refurbished / renovated.


Southern Walkway Entrance

Value: $TBC

Project: A new walkway was constructed at the southern entrance of the complex boosting accessibility.

Annual Gala Event

Value: $TBC

Project: In an aim to lift our profile and attract fresh support and donations the Link Vision Week events included a Gala and Fashion Show with Catwalk held in the Brisbane CBD.

Research for Expansion

Value: $TBC

Project: Complete preliminary research on expanding accommodation and educational services including feasibility, timelines and approach.

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