Our Community – Stuart Frater

Stuart Frater was born in Upper Hutt New Zealand.

He spent many years in the Insurance Industry in both New Zealand and Australia before purchasing a takeaway business in Mooloolaba which he ran for 11 years. His passion for cooking led him to complete a mature age apprenticeship as a chef, eventually leading to a number of head chef positions on both the Sunshine Coast, and eventually in Vietnam.

Stuart has been a real “Journeyman” throughout his life, having lived in New Zealand, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, UK, Europe and Vietnam.

His life received a tumultuous shock in 2013 when he had an accident riding home from work in Da Nang Vietnam. He was severely injured, had one eye removed and shortly after lost the sight in his other eye.

Following his accident Stuart returned to Brisbane, and was referred to Link Vision by Vision Australia.

These days Stuart busies himself with his love of music, dancing, most sports including rugby, and of course cooking. He is also in the process of learning speech programs which will assist him in furthering his computer skills.

Stuart describes his time at Link Vision as “a wonderful experience. After what I have been through it is great to be with people who have a similar issues, and all of whom have a story to tell. The location is great with parks, shops and stations nearby”.

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