Limited sponsorship opportunities for Link Vision Week 2017 (11-17 September)


Link Vision is offering the opportunity to sponsor 2017 Link Vision Week in September 2017. This annual event provides a strong platform to promote your corporate responsibility and to be associated with a leading Queensland not-for-profit organisation.


Link Vision Week is a wonderful opportunity for Link Vision suppliers, supporters, sponsors and the wider community to come together and raise much needed funds and awareness for people living with no or low vision.

The Link Vision Fashion Show is a pre-loved fashion event with heart. Incorporating sustainable fashions from our South East Queensland Op Shops, fashionistas will want to see how far a shoe string budget can really stretch.

Date & Time 12pm Thursday 14 September 2017
Location King George Square, Brisbane City Hall


There are a number of benefits from becoming a sponsor of Link Vision Week including:

Increased brand awareness which helps to generate consumer preference and to foster brand loyalty.
Opportunity to build trust and establish rapport with current and future clients.
Positive public relations via above the line and below the line media especially social media.
Support for a sales promotion or campaign and an opportunity for corporate hospitality which promotes good relations with clients.

More details coming soon.

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