Link Vision Unit 5 Renovation Project

As part of our 2016 achievements, Link Vision raised enough funds to do a complete renovation on some of the units in the complex. This showcase is based on Unit 5 at 10 Cameron Street Fairfield and has been a wonderful success.

Renovation features include:

Front Entrance

A concrete ramp has built up the entry to the front of the unit by 100mm. This now enables wheelchair access which was not previously available.


A new colour scheme was utilised to provide contrast for those with partial vision. The walls were painted white providing contrast against the dark floor. Floor coverings were upgraded to heavy duty vinyl tiles which are waterproof and easily replaceable. Tiles are guaranteed for 15 years.


Contrast in the kitchen has been achieved with dark floor, white cupboards, dark bench top, white splash-back and note black power points. Bench tops have been changed from laminate to stone. Cook top and oven were fitted with easy to operate knobs. Hot plates are easily located by touch. This unit was also fitted with a 2-drawer dishwasher.


Apart from the bedroom wardrobe, there are no handles in the unit. All doors and drawers are self-closing. This upgrade eliminates the risk of injury due to contact with handles.


Two walls and a door were removed to provide wheelchair access to the ensuite. The new bathroom is now completely waterproof and free of obstruction so a wheelchair can now be manoeuvered freely around the room. Colour contrast is carried through the whole unit including the bathroom. The new vanity counters are the same stone as the kitchen bench tops.


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