Donate it – don’t dump it

Does your donation count or cost?

Firstly let us start by saying WE LOVE DONATIONS.

Those with good intentions who want to kindly give items that are in good condition and fine working order allow us to raise much needed funds.

Many that dump outside charity bins or stores are unintentional so we write this article as an awareness approach to help ensure those trying to do the right thing are on the right track.

It costs charities hundreds of thousands of dollars each year disposing of broken, damaged, dangerous and useless goods. That is money that can be better spent elsewhere helping all charities to reach their goals and achieve their missions. If you are keen to make a donation, please just make sure your items reach us safe and sound. Thank you again for your support and helping us out!

Tip 1 – Please don’t leave donations outside stores or charity bins

Dropping donations outside of bins or stores may result in the items getting damaged by bad weather or vandalised or stolen.

Tip 2 – If you wouldn’t give it to a mate, we can’t use it either

Contrary to what some may think we haven’t got the man power or capacity to wash, repair or mend broken items. If you wouldn’t give an item to a friend or family member, chances are we can’t do much with it either. We can’t take stained, damaged or broken items.

Tip 3 – We really appreciate in-store donations

We realise it is not always convenient or even possible to offer donations in one of our Op Shops which is exactly why we have donation bins scattered across Brisbane. With limitations on how far and wide we can spread our team, the donations brought in certainly help us immensely. If you can get into a store to donate, please do (we’d also love to thank you in person for the items you bring in)!

We also love this short video from EPA.

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