Link Vision Op Shop Capalaba

We are proud and excited to announce we took over the Endeavour Foundations Capalaba retail store at 11 Dollery Road, Capalaba from 3 August 2020.

This store has been a great asset to the local community for a number of years with high quality clothing and bric-a-brac at affordable prices.

This opportunity further helps us to continue supporting people with a low or no vision to lead more independent lives.

We have retained the existing staff and volunteers at the store and have kept all stock in place, so no donations are wasted.

We would like to encourage everyone to share this news and come by and check out the large range of products available.

We would like to thank the Endeavour Foundation for all their work within the local community along with all their dedicated staff & volunteers. We look forward to building on the previous success of the shop and continue their great work.

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