How op-shops reduce waste & help the environment

Op-Shop Charitable Recycling Study

So we can all understand the size of the impact charities such as Link Vision have on Australian society as a result of our recycling/reuse activities, Charitable Recycling Australia (of which Link Vision is a member, and our CEO Terry is Vice Chair) commissioned MRA Consulting to undertake research to see just how much impact we have on the environment and the economy.

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It is clear that we are having a major positive impact on our country and realise that we are a part of something very special.

Not only are we privileged to be able to assist our community of people with Low or Vision, we have a massive impact on reducing the amount of goods going to landfill. We also help by creating jobs and volunteer opportunities, as well as assist in reducing carbon emissions, power and water consumption

Detailed data was collected from 27 Charitable Reuse and Recycling Sector Enterprises, representing 54% of charity shops in Australia

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